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Gotz Classic Kidz are here!

Today our first delivery arrived from Gotz. Just a few boxes and what would there be inside? I was really pleased to see that we had received a selection of dolls from across the range including many gorgeous baby dolls, Precious Day Jessica and Elisabeth and some of the new Classic Kidz range.

Classic Kidz are a new range of dolls for this year. They are designed to be beautiful and feminine, appealing to those little girls who love to dress up and look their best. Their beauty and quality will also appeal to those customers wanting to purchase the highest quality doll for their little girls, as well as the discerning doll collector. There is a growing number of people collecting play dolls as opposed to the more expensive collectors or artist dolls.

Classic Kidz dolls have the same face moulds and multi jointed bodies introduced last year as the Happy Kidz range but the presentation of the Classic Kidz is far superior to the Happy Kidz dolls. The design of their outfits, the fabrics used, the attention to detail and finish are simply wonderful and it is this that makes the Classic Kidz dolls more expensive than Happy Kidz. The Happy Kidz dolls are dressed in brighter, simpler outfits in sportier designs for the dolls to play in and have fun.

Today Classic Kidz Luisa and Vroni arrived. I hope Laura will be in the next delivery. I was taken aback by how beautiful Vroni is. Her hair is carefully plaited and her dolls clothes are beautiful – the colours, fabrics, lace – everything. Lovely.

 Gotz Classic Kidz Vroni

Luisa is stunning too and if I was a little girl again I would want to own her. Luisa has been designed by Hildegard Gunzel, a world renowned doll artist designer. Many of Hildegard’s dolls are dressed in beautiful pastel shades of silks and taffetas, and you can see this preference in Luisa’s clothing. My 9 year old daughter Rosie hasn’t seen her yet but I’m sure she will swoon and demand to receive her for her next birthday!Gotz Classic Kidz Luisa

Gotz Classic Kidz Laura


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