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More dolls for sale! And some other things….

Thank you so much to those of you who gave some of my dolls new homes in the last couple of weeks. It’s great to know they are going to be appreciated and not just left in a box in a pile.

Well, here are some more of Petalina’s bits and pieces, some of which is actual new stock left from the closing down sale. I know it’s a dolly market but I thought I would pop in some of the accessories that we have too, and there are more of those to come. Click here to see all the current adverts.

If you would like to purchase any of these items please just use the Send Message tab beneath the advert, or replying to this email works too.

Remember it’s easy to place an advert yourself. We don’t charge anything and you can advertise for a year. We have 1000s of dolly lovers visiting our site all the time and our subscriber numbers are continuing to grow. For more details about how to advertise please click here.

So what has been added to the Dolly Market this week?

This time we have two of the delightful little Moulin Roty dolls called Ma Poupee. I was keeping them for granddaughters, but how many dolls will they need? And then I would miss out on perusing all the new dollies available so I thought I would see if anyone else would like them as they are no longer available. These are brand new dolls and I have only just removed the cellophane from the boxes to allow me to take a photo. What is great is that they are very, very small, so they are ideal for trips to restaurants and holidays etc, and can easily go in a handbag if needed.

Ma Poupee Alice
SOLD Moulin Roty Ma Poupee Alice
Ma Poupee Maia
SOLD Moulin Roty Ma Poupee Maia

Another gorgeous little doll is Wellie Wisher Willa by American Girl. She is an all vinyl doll designed for girls from age 4. I think she is incredibly sweet with that gorgeous face, sparkling eyes, her pretty strawberry blonde hair and lovely outfit, and she was purchased from American Girl in New York when we visited in 2016.

American Girl Wellie Wisher Willa

We also have some baby dolls needing a new home, from Antonio Juan, Adora and Llorens.

Antonio Juan Petit Mulata is brand new and in her box. She talks.

SOLD Antonio Juan Petit Mulata

Antonio Juan Petit Cojin Blue is brand new and on a cushion, but his box must have been damaged on the way to us and we didn’t receive a replacement. He speaks in baby babble.

SOLD Antonio Juan Petit Cojin Blue

Adora Playtime Baby Dot is a little doll that is perfect for 18 months and up. She has been used to try on clothes. She sucks her thumb which is sweet.

Adora Baby Dot

Today this little White Balloon baby doll has been added to the Dolly Market too. It’s a very tiny doll designed by the German Doll artist Marie Luise Schulz and is rare in the collector’s market.

tiny white balloon baby
Tiny White Balloon Baby

We also have a Llorens 38cm baby doll with blonde hair available but she doesn’t have an advert yet. She’s been used to try on clothes and has not been played with so is in very good condition for age 3+.

Llorens baby doll
Llorens 38cm Baby doll with blonde hair

And finally some accessories.

We also have a bundle of Paola Reina Clothes for La Amigas. These are brand new and in their box.

SOLD Paola Reina dolls clothes for Las Amigas dolls

I made a mistake with ordering once and ordered 6 of each of these items from Petitcollin and received 6 boxes of 6 of each! They at least sold well but we still have a few remaining. These are brand new and can be purchased separately or together. There is a little bag full of baby doll accessories, and a baby doll carrier suitable for 36cm dolls.

Petitcollin baby accessories

Finally, we also have lots of hangers left over from our very successful Petalina Girl dolls clothes collection.

clothes hangers for 18" dolls clothes
Petalina Girl dolls clothes hangers for 18″ dolls clothes

If you would like to see prices please click through to the dolly market here. If you would like to purchase anything you can reply to this email, or better still, if you click on the Send Message tab beneath an advert, it will tell me what you are interested in.


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  • Deirdre Murphy

    I’m looking to buy a baby doll! I like Antonio Juan dolls! I have purchased prams & dolls from you in the past, & was sorry to hear you had closed! If you have any for sale now, I would be grateful to hear from you.

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