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Hello everyone! I do hope you are all keeping safe and well during these very strange times. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last wrote a post for Petalina’s blog but I have to admit to it not being a great year for me, and I’ve needed to take things very easy. Dolls have not been at the forefront of my mind at all.

But something happened last week which spurred me on a little.  A lovely customer of Petalina got in touch to find out if I happened to have any White Balloon dolls as she is a keen collector and they rarely come up for sale. Well, it just so happened that I had four such dolls that had been sitting waiting to have their photos taken for the last year, sitting in a box in my office being ignored. So it was perfect timing and I’m delighted to say that three Milly dolls have arrived at their new home, and their new owner is delighted, and a Holly doll will be joining them soon. Holly has just gone into hospital for restringing and will be as good as new soon. So the camera had to come out so that I could show my customer what condition they were in, and it was just like old times. So I took a few more pictures while I was at it and now there are several additional dolls listed for sale in our Dolly Market with many more to follow over the next few weeks.

white balloon dolls
SOLD White Balloon Milly Dolls have arrived safely at their new home

When Petalina closed we were left with very little stock. Just a few single dolls in their boxes and a cardboard box of accessories. The closing down sale went far better than I ever expected, probably because we slashed prices to make sure it all went, and it did. Our section of the warehouse went from overflowing to empty in just a couple of weeks. You’ll be seeing some of these last few remaining items popping up for sale over the next few weeks, but also, over the years we had collected so many sample dolls, dolls that we used to try on different makes of clothes to see what would fit who. We will be selling lots of these dolls over the next few months, so do keep checking back to see what has been added onto the Dolly Market.

So what are the new dolls listed in our Dolly Market?

My daughter Rosie is selling her Matilda, Your Tudor Girl, together with all of her outfits. She’s in really good condition, as are the clothes and they are a bargain at £70.

Matilda doll for sale
SOLD My daughter’s doll, Matilda, Your Tudor Girl

Anyone who would like to own a Sylvia Natterer doll but don’t want to pay the price tag, there is a Sylvia Natterer Starlette doll from Petitcollin with a manufacturing fault for £15.

Starlette Milena
SOLD Petitcollin Starlette Milena by Sylvia Natterer

Another sample doll, still in her outfit, is Las Amigas Christi by Paola Reina.

SOLD Paola Reina Las Amigas Christi

And finally, there is Maplelea Saila. She is the most incredible doll of such high quality. Whoever gives her a new home will not be disappointed!

Maplelea Saila
SOLD Maplelea Saila, the most incredible doll

But what will I list next? I have a couple of Moulin Roty Ma Poupee dolls that are brand new and in their boxes, and a brand new Antonio Juan 27cm Petit Mulata. Then there’s a Welly Wisher, an Antonio Juan 27cm baby boy, an Adora baby girl, and then something very special indeed. I’m also wondering which Gotz dolls to sell as I have far too many. So lots of treats in store going forward.


  • Tanya

    Dear Cate,
    So nice to hear from you! Sorry it’s been rough for you for a while. Wishing you all the best and I hope things will be looking up for you from now on.
    Just a tiny something: just yesterday I gave my daughter Corolle’s Les Cheries Clara, which I bought from you, oh… 3? 4? years ago? and had it stashed away for when she’s old enough to appreciate it. She was over the moon!!! As looking through the Internet she’d found out that these dolls aren’t really easily available anymore. Now she is a very proud owner of 2!!! “very rare dolls” – her words. (2 – because she had Camille from 2 years ago)
    So, thank you again for the joy you were a part of!
    All the best wishes,
    Tanya xxx

  • Gloria Gladden

    So wonderful to hear from you again. Your company was my favorite to purchase from. I do understand retirement but i so missed you.
    Happy you are better and want to fulfill our doll collection desires. ?
    I know I will be anxiously waiting for your next post ❣️
    Be safe, be well,
    Gloria Gladden

  • Matthia

    Cate, thank you so much for helping me add these cuties to my collection. I’m sorry you have had a rough year, but hopefully finding new homes for your dollies will provide needed diversion from life’s stresses. You are a joy to deal with, I appreciate all your help. Stay safe and take care.

  • Annelize Osmers

    Hallo Cate, it is really good to see you are back! I hope you are doing well now. I am still looking for one of the Schildkrot Jointed standing play dolls that was produced in about 2012. There were three dolls in this range, a blond haired one, I believe she was named Amy, a dark haired one and a red head. Amy was recently listed on Ebay and the seller was willing to ship to South Africa but Ebay had a lot of shipping restrictions due to the pandemic and I was unable to purchase the doll. If by any chance you or anyone you know come across one of these doll that is for sale, please let me know. With warmest regards, Annelize

  • Isabel

    I’m really sorry that things have been difficult for you. Our granddaughter loves her Lila Cherie corolle doll bought in 2017. I wanted to buy more outfits for her to use. I can only find companies abroad. Can you suggest a reputable company and one in U.K. if possible?

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