Dolly Market Terms and Conditions of Use

Whether a buyer or a seller on Petalina’s Dolly Market you are required to agree to the following terms and conditions of use of the website.

As a SELLER you are responsible for:
– providing comprehensive and accurate information about the item being advertised as per our advertising guidelines.
– providing high quality photographs taken yourself of the item being advertised as per our guidelines.

– providing prices for shipping and insurance.
– the item until it arrives with the buyer. Once they take receipt they are responsible for that item.
– claiming compensation with the shipper if the item arrives damaged from transit.
– refunding the cost of returning the item should it arrive damaged in transit or not as described or pictured.
– communicating with all potential buyers in a timely manner (48 hours).
– shipping the item within a timely manner (normally 48 hours unless waiting for payment to clear).
– packing the item with care as per our guidelines to ensure that it arrives safely at it’s destination undamaged.
– providing the buyer with tracking information.
– agreeing payment terms with the buyer.
– communicating with all buyers, sellers and Petalina in a polite and considerate manner.
– amending the listing to show SOLD together with the sold for price.

– you give permission to Petalina to use the photographs you have uploaded into your advert across social media to help promote your advert.

As a BUYER you are responsible for:
– communicating with all buyers, sellers and Petalina in a polite and considerate manner.
– making the payment once agreed with the seller in a timely manner (48 hours).
– paying any duties and taxes owed on arrival of the item at customs in your country. The Buyer can check prior to agreeing to shipping to see if they will have to pay any duties by contacting their country’s or state’s customs department.
– contacting the seller to advise them that the item has arrived and is in good condition.
– letting the seller know of any problems with the condition of the item immediately on receipt. Photographs of problems are mandatory. If the box arrives damaged please photograph the box BEFORE you open it and then take lots of photos showing any damage inside the box. These photographs will be needed for the seller to make any necessary claims with the shipper.
– if you wish to return the item, please contact the seller within 48 hours of receipt. The buyer is responsible for the cost of the return should they just not like the item or they have changed their mind.

Petalina’s Responsibilities:
– Petalina is providing a space to advertise items for sale. Petalina cannot be held responsible for any action that a seller or a buyer takes. We cannot be held responsible for the content of any advert, whether descriptions, photos or prices. These are all the responsibility of the seller. If a buyer as an issue with any information provided by the seller, then they must contact the seller.
– all adverts will be approved by Petalina. If Petalina feels that the photos, description or any ofter information is insufficient or unclear, the advert will not be approved and sellers will be contacted to make changes.
– any advert for an item that we feel is not worthy of being advertised on our site will also not be approved.
– we may also decline adverts for items that we have too many of already in the Dolly Market which have not sold.
– Petalina reserves the right to remove any advert, all adverts or the service at anytime and without prior notice.
– Petalina reserves the right to introduce a charge for this service at any time and without prior notice, for new adverts placed after that time.
– Should Petalina receive a complaint about a seller or a buyer then we reserve the right to remove all adverts concerned and not allow further advertising or purchases to be made by that buyer and/or seller if deemed appropriate.
– in the case of complaints it is the responsibility of the buyer and the seller to work out a solution. Petalina will not intervene. However, we reserve the right to remove any relevant adverts, and not allow the buyer and/or the seller to use the service again if deemed appropriate.