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Just love the new Little Kidz by Gotz!

We had been looking forward to the arrival of the Little Kidz by Gotz for a while and when Lotta arrived a couple of months ago, it really was love at first sight. Unpacking Little Kidz Lotta, feeling her light weight and small size, and appreciating her sweet little face and lovely hair, was nothing short of thrilling. I was in heaven because Lotta, in my opinion, is complete loveliness itself.

Lotta waving hello
When Lotta first arrived she ran straight out into the garden, found a wall to climb and waved hello! Relieved to be out of her box I think.

The most exciting part of running Petalina was always the shopping! I’m sure many of you can imagine the thrill of flicking through the new catalogues in January, seeing the new outfits and faces of existing ranges, but discovering new ranges that you just know are going to be a hit was the best bit of all!

Lotta walking up the path
Lotta continued to explore the garden and found a path to wander down. With so many overflowing plants she wondered what she would find at the end.

Lotta’s height at 36cm makes her a lot lighter and for a little girl of 5+ she would make the most wonderful companion. She has the same jointed body that we are all familiar with because it is the same design as the larger 50cm Gotz Happy Kidz dolls, which I have always loved. However, there is something different because she poses and stands much more easily. Maybe it is because there isn’t so much weight on the joints so they hold their position more easily, but whatever the reason, she is such a lot of fun to play with and easier to handle and pose than the larger Happy Kidz.

Little Kidz Lotta looking cute
Just look how naturally she can stand, and it is so much easier to do than with the Happy Kidz dolls, hence the latter we have always recommended for older girls of age 8+. Lotta would be great for age 5 and up I think.

Not only are the Little Kidz perfect for younger children, but they would also make a lovely little sister for the larger Gotz dolls, for those girls who are building up their doll collections. I always used to love playing families with my Sasha dolls when I was a child. They were always brothers and sisters to me and my games were about what they did as a family.

Lotta with Happy Kidz Katie
Lotta looks lovingly at her big sister Happy Kidz Katie. I think they are going to have lots of fun together, don’t you?
Lotta in the cornus tree
No sooner than I could blink Lotta was climbing up our little cornus tree.

It is also very clear that Gotz collectors are loving their Little Kidz dolls too, and I’m not surprised with them being so sweet, pretty and fun. Lotta definitely brought out the little girl in me the moment she was removed from her box. Well, she ran straight outside and explored the garden, as you can see from all these photos. Didn’t need any help at all. That’s the honest truth…..

Lotta side view


Little Kidz Lotta back view dressed

Lotta front view no clothes

I purchased Lotta from Trisha at KR Bears and Dolls, and I promised I would review her soon. Unfortunately, we have had a really difficult few months due to a family member being really ill and a close friend passing away after a battle with cancer. The. My daughter brought home Covid from school and now I am struggling with Long Covid. But never mind, here we are. I do hope you enjoy the photos and will think about purchasing one of these gorgeous girls.

Lotta smelling the asters
Little Kidz Lotta absolutely loved the Asters. They were so tall and had flopped to the path despite my best efforts to keep them upright!
Daphne the dachshund joining in
And as usual Daphne was getting a bit miffed because she wasn’t the centre of attention. But just look at those eyes! The slight squint means ‘I love you mama’.

In the range there is Lotta, Grete, Lena and Elli. Click this link to see them all on KR Bears and Dolls, or here for Amazon. Gotz have made a few clothes available and these are stocked by KR Bears and Dolls. You’ll also find some beautiful hand made clothes for both 50cm and the 36cm Little Kidz dolls by Susan Elisabeth here. I wish I could sew so beautifully. UK and most international shipping is also free with KR Bears and Dolls and Trisha is always on hand for some advice and help when needed. If you need anything else from Gotz, did you know they had a shop on Amazon here?

When I’m feeling a bit better I will add a table of measurements too, as we do with all the dolls we review. Have you had any success finding other makes of clothes and shoes to fit? If yes, please comment below.


Little Kidz Grete
Little Kidz Grete. She has beautiful eyes and hair.


Little Kidz Elli
Gotz Little Kidz Ellie has very light blonde hair and blue eyes, and comes with some accessories that little girls will love, including a pink hairpiece.
Lotta with Schildkrot Amy
Lotta with Schildkrot Amy, another lovely doll full of fun. She also escaped into the garden the moment she arrived! You might remember the blog post and beautiful photos I did at the time which you can find here. Sadly the Schildkrot dolls are no longer available.

Just so you know, I paid for Lotta so this review is based totally on my thoughts and opinions. Also, if you purchase from Amazon using one of our links we will receive a tiny commission from Amazon which goes towards the upkeep of this blog. The commission does not affect the price you pay Amazon, and it really is a few pence!!

Lotta admiring the roses
Isn’t she gorgeous?!


  • Jan

    Love your blog !
    Hope you feel better soon, and I’m sorry you’ve had a tough time lately.
    The photographs are really lovely.
    I’ve loved dolls all my life but had none as a child because the family were poor. As a senior citizen now I collect dolls and they bring me great happiness and enjoyment.
    Best wishes to you, jan.

  • Lucy Bell

    Thank you so much for such a detailed review! I’ve been researching which doll to get for my soon to be five year old’s birthday, and your site has been so useful in helping me chose. I can’t wait for my daughter to meet her Lotta doll!

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