• Time for some ice cream!

    Everyone enjoys an ice cream when the sun is shining and now you can make one for your doll. Just click anywhere on the instruction sheet below and then either save the image or drag it onto your desktop so that you can print it and get making!  

  • Have a ‘fab’ time making an ice lolly

    With summer coming and the heat rising you know that your dolls will love to have an ice lolly to cool themselves down with. Choose from three shapes which you can colour in any way you like. Click anywhere on the instruction sheet below and then drag the image onto your desk top (or save it somewhere) so that you…

  • Make a Cereal Box

    Clara woke up really hungry this morning and then remembered she has a new box of Gotz pops to try!  Make your own boxes just like Clara’s using the instructions below. Just click on the instruction sheet, drag it to your desk top and print it off!      

  • Marie Kruse Stylista dolls are such fun!

    Yesterday the long awaited Marie Stylista dolls arrived from Kathe Kruse and I know they will be a hit because my chief tester Rosie, my nearly 9 year old doll loving daughter, wants one for Christmas. She can’t wait to get her hands on some scissors and start cutting. Marie Kruse is a 37cm all vinyl doll made from phthalate…

  • Make candy floss for your doll!

    Have some fun making candy floss for your doll! You will need: Cotton wool balls (4 per candy floss) Pink food colouring A lolly stick Craft glue How to make them: 1    If you can get hold of pink cotton wool balls then great, you can skip this step, but I looked everywhere with no such luck! Put a…