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John Lewis Collector’s Doll Range

John Lewis is one of my all time favourite retailers and a couple of years ago I was very interested to see that they had introduced their own range of dolls for little girls at an amazing price of just £30. The dolls are 46cm high, with pretty faces, long rooted hair and are suitable for age 3+. The doll that I chose from their original collection was Sophie with blonde hair and a pink outfit, which I have photographed for you.

John Lewis Sophie Doll

John Lewis Sophie Doll from their original collection

The Sophie doll that I own in the photograph is from their original collection and the outfit has now changed. If you look at the photograph below showing all the dolls currently available you will see Sophie’s new outfit. The dolls in blue are also from the original collection and the newer Chloe and Isabelle are in lilac instead. I think I love the new Isabelle in Lilac though with her beautiful hair!


John Lewis Doll Range

Isabelle in Blue,  Isabelle in Lilac, Sophie in Pink, Chloe in Blue, Chloe in Lilac,

The faces of the dolls are very appealing with their wide eyes which have painted eye lashes on the top eyelid as well as a few fibre lashes at the top of the eye. The eyes don’t open and close. They have painted eyebrows, healthy blushing cheeks and a slightly smiling expressive mouth. They certainly look like girls that will love to go on daily adventures with friends!

Sophie doll fabric body

The hair of the dolls is made from nylon and is rooted. This is the best option for younger girls as it can withstand lots of brushing and styling. Remember to use a wire brush specifically for doll hair to minimise the build up of static electricity which causes tangling, such as the brush sold by Gotz for age 3+.

Sophie doll side view

John Lewis Collectors Doll Sophie side view showing the length of her hair.

You can see in the photos I have taken below that the dolls have a soft skin tone body which is cuddly and filled with polyester fibre. Their limbs and head all swivel (the head is a little stiffer than the limbs) but the limbs don’t easily hold their position. The soft body and easily moved limbs means that the dolls don’t stand easily. You can see in the photo above that Sophie is leaning forwards. This is the only way I could achieve some balance to stand her up, and without clothes it was impossible!

The John Lewis dolls have cuddly and soft bodies.

What I also love about these dolls are the outfits available to dress them up in, particularly the onesie. When I first ordered my doll I also purchased a onesie. It was slightly different in design but the quality is really good for the price. On the day I wrote this article the following clothes were available to purchase on the John Lewis website, which range in price from £12 to £15. You can find all the dolls clothes available now at John Lewis mixed in here.

John Lewis Dolls clothes

Rainy Day                    Ballet                        Casual                        Bedtime                          Onesie 

Being 46cm/18″ I was wondering if any other makes of dolls clothes fit these dolls. In the photograph below you can see how the John Lewis doll compares to Gotz Precious Day Jessica and Design-a-Friend from Argos.

three dolls of similar size

Gotz Precious Day Jessica, John Lewis Sophie and Design a Friend.

In terms of dolls clothes there is a bargain to be had on the John Lewis website at the moment, a wardrobe which is half price at £20. I think the wardrobe and hangers are cardboard so there are a couple of reviews that felt it was expensive at £40 but for £20 you get the wardrobe, a onesie, a skirt and T shirt, bag, party dress and sparkly silver shoes. Definitely one to snap up before they sell out!

Dolls Wardrobe with Clothes

The John Lewis Dolls Wardrobe full of clothes is now half price at just £20!

So what are Petalina’s thoughts about the John Lewis range of dolls?

At £30 each they are terrific value being good quality and dressed nicely, and a superb starter doll for a child age 3 to 4 (but I’m sure many girls age 5+ would love them too). If you are nervous about whether your little girl would like a doll then the price of a John Lewis doll isn’t such a risk compared to the purchase of higher quality dolls such as Gotz, and at the lower price it doesn’t matter so much if the doll gets messed up a bit with lots of play either.


Just a note about this article. I have not been asked by John Lewis to review their products and I have not received any payment for doing so. All opinions are my own. All I ask is that if you do purchase a doll because of reading this article, please let John Lewis know either in the order itself or in the review you are invited to complete after purchase. Thank you.





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