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More about Bonnie & Pearl dolls

The Bonnie & Pearl brand was launched in 2013 and they have taken the doll world by storm. The brain child of Nicola and Lisa, who as children really did have dolls called Bonnie and Pearl, the company is all about creating dolls for today’s little girls to have adventures with and create lasting memories. The beautifully sculpted dolls are 19″/48cm tall and are recommended for girls from age 8, but collectors have now discovered them too!

Bonnie & Pearl launched with 7 dolls in total in a variety of skin, hair and eye colours combinations. Over time the selection is going to grow and 2015 will see the introduction of new dolls, lots of sets of dolls clothes, accessories and furniture. So watch this space!

The dolls are packaged in a decorative box which actually contains a bed that can be coloured in together with a Bonnie & Pearl pillow. Some extra bed clothes can be purchased separately.

The dolls are made using phthalate free vinyl with a vinyl chest plate with the remainder of the body being polyester filled skin tone fabric. The chest plate allows the dolls to look attractive wearing strappy dresses and swimsuits whilst maintaining the all important cuddle factor with the soft body beneath. Their faces are incredibly pretty with their cute little mouths, and their closing eyes are extremely sparkly with lots of real and painted eyelashes. All the dolls have kanekalon wigs which are securely and neatly attached to the head. The limbs of the dolls are fully mobile but not quite so flexible as say a Gotz Hannah. Their heads can turn and tip which helps to give the dolls lots of expression.

Bonnie & Pearl also make a range of very beautiful dolls clothes that all arrive wrapped in tissue folded inside a pale blue decorated box, and the quality is amazing! Many of the outfits do fit other makes but not always, so do check first.


Some of the outfits available from Bonnie & Pearl


Please note that due to the hair being wigs, these dolls are not suitable for girls under the age of 8. You would be better looking at a Gotz doll with rooted hair for a younger girl.

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