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More about Paola Reina Every Girl Dolls

For the last few years Paola Reina have been going from strength to strength with the range and variety of dolls they design and make increasing. 2015 sees the introduction of Paola Reina Every Girl, a range of 18″ dolls to compete in the popular 18″ doll market along with Gotz Precious Day, American Girl and Bonnie & Pearl dolls. However, these are the only competitively priced 18″ dolls to be made completely in Europe. Paola Reina source all their materials and manufacturing expertise from Europe even using fabrics designed and produced in the UK.


Every girl dolls

Every Girl Isa and Alex


The first collection of Paola Reina Every Girl dolls includes one boy, which is great to see, and lots of different colours of girls to choose from. The hair of each doll is rooted and good quality. I love the faces with the slight smile and detailed sculpting, and the dolls are very evidently based on a real child as like all of us, their faces are not perfectly symmetrical. They have closing eyes with long fibre eyelashes on the top eyelid, slightly blushed cheeks and subtle lip painting.


Every Girl Isa

Close up of Paola Reina Every Girl Isa


The vinyl used for the dolls is scented with vanilla but it is not overpowering by any means. The doll body is made from white cotton with the arms, head and legs all sewn on around discs which allow everything to swivel at the joints. The body has realistic proportions and is filled with new polyester fibre making each doll very cuddly. Paola Reina advertise Every Girl dolls as having a ‘skeleton’ and if you squeeze the body firmly you can feel a plastic structure in the centre of the body and this allows the doll to bend at the waist and straighten again. The skeleton also enables the arms to be posed really well too. They can open their arms out as well as bring them together to hold something, and because the arms swivel, each arm can be put into a different position at different heights. We don’t have any other dolls at Petalina that do this in quite the same way – very clever! The legs are more simple in their operation and just swivel forwards and backwards.


Every Girl moving arms

Isa demonstrating how well her arms can be positioned


The dolls are safe from age 3 and over and Petalina would recommend them for age 4 and up. In terms of clothing they will fit many clothes designed to fit American Girl. Their bodies are slightly larger than Gotz Precious Day dolls but some Gotz clothing I’m sure will fit them. We have just tried on our own label clothing, Petalina Girl, which is also made in Europe, and everything except the pretty knickers fit nicely. Our shoes are roomy but are OK. We will try other makes of clothing on in due course. To see everything that fits the Every Girl dolls so far please click here.


18 inch dolls

Gotz Precious Day Jessica, Every Girl Isa and Bonnie & Pearl Catherine


Our verdict overall? Every Girl dolls are beautifully designed and made to a high standard in Spain and all at such a good price. If you aren’t sure if your little girl is going to like 18″ dolls and you don’t want to spend a fortune (just in case) then an Every Girl doll will make a perfect introductory doll. They are pretty, scented, cuddly and posable with hair to style and closing eyes – everything a 4 or 5 year old little girl needs in a new doll. Their size also means that they will fit many different dolls clothes and accessories too which is important, because it is the clothing and dolly bits and bobs that help dolls go on adventures with their new friends.


Every Girl with AG

Every Girl Isa with American Girl


Every Girl Andrea

Every Girl Andrea in her box


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