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New Paola Reina Dolls

I first discovered Paola Reina dolls a few years ago when a customer suggested that they would fit into the Bambolina range. At that time I didn’t think they were quite right for us but a few years down the line, with lots of new doll designs having been introduced, I was thrilled to receive the 2014 catalogue. After much browsing by myself and my daughter Rosie, we ordered a variety of dolls of different shapes and sizes which finally arrived today!

What I really love about the Paola Reina dolls is that, not only are they beautiful, but they have been designed and made entirely in Europe using European materials and expertise, but despite this, the company have still managed to keep the price of the dolls at a very reasonable level. Plus, the dolls are really good quality, are made with lots of different eye and hair colour combinations and are scented with vanilla. Some of the dolls have fixed eyes and others have closing eyes. Some dolls are all vinyl and others are soft bodied. All the hair is rooted and plentiful. The clothes are all very pretty too using good quality fabric and many of them not only fit the Paola Reina dolls but fit other makes as well. All of the dolls come in beautiful boxes – the lid lifts and opens to one side and there is also a carry handle.

So which of the dolls will you find in the Petalina range?

Las Amigas – 32cm/12.5″ all vinyl dolls with swivel arms and legs. These dolls have inset eyes that don’t close and long eyelashes. Age 4+

(For some reason there wasn’t a photo for the Las Amigas dolls and I can’t find the correct pictures for the year concerned).

Soy Tu – 40cm/15.7″ all vinyl dolls with swivel limbs – these have the figure of a young girl with lovely rounded tummies and slightly chubby arms and legs with little creases. Their eyes close. Age 4+

Soy Tu Melanie, Natasha and Amour 


Las primas de Paola – These are 42cm/16.5″ all vinyl dolls with the body shape of a 3 or 4 year old girl. These beautiful dolls have fixed non closing eyes which have been set to look slightly to the left which gives them a very cute look.

Las Primas de Paola: Paola, Valeria and Annie 


Las Blanditas – These cuddly 36cm/14″ soft bodied dolls have dangling arms and legs, and their eyes close. They have lots of rooted hair and are perfect for 3 or 4 year old girls to snuggle up to.

Las Blanditas Lily, Ana, Esther and Connie


Los Manus – These baby dolls have such a beautiful face. They are 36cm/14″ soft and cuddly dolls with floppy limbs and fixed non closing eyes and long eyelashes. Really pretty!

Los Manus Alia and Agatha


Los Confis – These cuddly girls and boys are gorgeous. They are 36cm/14″ soft bodied toddler dolls with floppy limbs and non closing eyes. Great to see there are some boys available in this range. You’ll find that Corolle Baby 36cm clothes fit them beautifully.

Los Confis Alice, Candela, Alessia and Aline

Los Confis Josh and Joel


Las Reinas de Paola – 60cm/23.6″ all vinyl dolls with swivel arms and legs and bending elbows and knees. These are very large dolls and unlike any other jointed doll, and I would recommend them for girls of age 6 and up. Their eyes are fixed.

Las Reinas de Paola Lidia, Alma and Sharif


Laura – a great big cuddly toddler doll of 60cm with closing eyes and slightly open mouth to allow her to suck her thumb. This size doll can wear small baby clothes.


First published on Petalina’s original blog on 5/3/14

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