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Sylvia Natterer dolls are here!

Well today I have had such a lot of fun! I have had a really good look at the latest arrivals at Petalina, the new range of Sylvia Natterer dolls manufactured by Petitcollin. Petitcollin normally produce their dolls in France, but all of the Natterer range have been made in Spain. Today we received seven dolls in two different sizes, three 48cm Finouche, and four 34cm Minouche. All are made entirely from high quality vinyl with a lovely colour and porcelain like appearance, and their heads and limbs move beautifully in all directions. Their heads are so expressive and they are a joy to pose! Their faces have been beautifully hand painted and are so pretty, and they all have lots of fine and soft rooted hair. It feels softer and more realistic than the hair usually used by Petitcollin.

Just a reminder that this post is from our original blog and was first posted on 16 August 2015. I have added a web address this time as these were the photos that were taken and used around the world by many retailers. 

Sylvia Natterer mark

All the dolls are marked on the back of the neck with both the Petitcollin and Sylvia Natterer logos.

My first experience of Sylvia Natterer dolls were her Minouche and Mini Minouche dolls from Kathe Kruse. I was really drawn to them, as they were so delicate and child like, and my daughter Rosie chose to receive a Minouche doll for Christmas that year. As of 2015 Kathe Kruse discontinued the Minouche dolls but they have kept the Mini Minouche babies in their range, which have been really popular as they are exquisite. Mini Minouche are tiny 27cm soft bodied dolls designed for children of 18 months and up. You’ll see that Mini Minouche Fritzi from the current Kathe Kruse collection (with rabbit ears) along with Mini Minouche Dita (one of the first collection no longer available) have made guest appearances in some of the photos. Needless to say when I received details of Sylvia’s new range for Petitcollin I was thrilled, and I have to admit I was getting a little impatient waiting for their arrival. For the last week I have been a little anxious to say the least. All the other shops seem to have received theirs but my stock was nowhere to be seen. But on Friday it arrived and all my questions were answered. I had wondered if the dolls would be a new style box.

Photo shoot with Daphne

Here we have Daphne the Dachsie who was missing me and came and plonked herself right in the way in the middle of the action. However, this was short lived as my daughter Libby came and took a complaining sausage off for a bath.

The larger Fincouhe dolls are in the boxes used by the traditional Petitcollin baby dolls. The first time I saw these very French, multi coloured boxes was when I first discovered the brand. We were returning home from a trip to meet Father Christmas in Lapland, and a little girl on our flight was holding a small doll dressed in pastel colours that she had received as her gift. My radar spotted her and made a beeline to ask her mum about the doll and where it had come from. The boxes shout ‘traditional french toys’ have a pink cord carry handle too. The dolls are held in place with two stretchy round elastic cords without a single wire or piece of plastic.

Finouche doll in box

The Minouche dolls are presented in a really sweet little box. It looks like a shoe box with a plastic viewing window and is pale pink. The surprise comes when the lid is removed, because the dolls are tied into a little bed with a curved head and foot end. Very pretty.

Minouche doll in box

The photos provided by Petitcollin really do not do these dolls justice at all, so today I have spent a few hours taking lots of photos of all of the dolls to help everyone make that all important decision – which one? And now that I have seen them all, I know this is going to be a very tough decision.

Firstly, there are three Finouche dolls, Smilla, Zoe and Alice. These girls are 48cm tall with long limbs, slender bodies and quite small feet. Initially, I thought Smilla was going to be my favourite. But now that I have undressed and photographed Zoe and Alice, I really can’t decide between the three of them. Zoe’s bright blue eyes and red hair that flows across her brow, with her delicately coloured outfit, will make her a winner. Alice, in my opinion, looks so much better without her hat. And all of those tiny freckles over her face are so sweet. And Smilla is as beautiful as I thought she would be. I love the lightness of her hair colour with her pink outfit.

Sylvia Natterer Finouche dolls

Finouche Smilla, Zoe and Alice (left to right)

The fabrics used by Petitcollin are always beautiful. The prints and colours are both pretty and subtle, and wherever possible they are made from pure cotton.

The photos below are of Finouche Zoe. Her outfit is particularly tasteful, with a cotton dress covered in a leaf design, a soft and fluffy jacket in a tone of heather with tiny buttons up one side, and a gorgeous hooded scarf in a lighter shade of heather. I do feel the tights are not very good quality though and snag really easily, and her shoes are a bit tight to get on.

Finouche Zoe

Finouche Zoe close up

Natterer Finouche doll back of head

Petitcollin Finouche Zoe

Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer

Petitollin Sylvia Natterer

All of the dolls are wearing the same body suit as underwear, which is made from extremely stretchy white jersey with decorative elastic around the neck, shoulders and legs. It simply slides off in one go and there aren’t any openings. Just be careful with the velcro on the clothing as it can easily catch on the elastic.

Finouche Zoe Petalina

Finouche Zoe underwear

Finouche Alice, pictured below, was the biggest surprise for me as her hat covers much of her beauty.She has lots of wavy brown hair with a long fringe, brown eyes and lots of tiny freckles covering her cheeks and nose. She is stunning. Her pinafore is a wrap and it ties with lilac ribbons on one side, and underneath this she wears a pink T shirt and aquamarine leggings, both made using a soft and stretchy synthetic jersey. Watch that velcro on the back of her T shirt! Her hat and little bag are made from felt.

Petitcollin Finouche Alice

Sylvia Natterer Alice

Sylvia Natterer Finouche

Sylvia Natterer Finouche

Finouche Alice Sylvia Natterer

Finouche Alice Sylvia Natterer

Finouche Smilla is also more beautiful that her images would suggest. Her fair colouring is gorgeous. Her dress is made from pure cotton with ribbon trim around the hem together with some elastic to gather it in a little. She also wears matching shorts beneath.

Finouche Smilla

Sylvia Natterer Smilla

Sylvia Natterer Finouche

Sylvia Natterer Smilla

Finouche Smilla Petitcollin

Petitcollin Finouche Smilla

Then we have four Minouche dolls, Joelle, Natalie, Samira and Jeanne. Luc will be joining the collection at a later date. These little dolls are 34cm tall with shorter hair than the Finouche dolls. I love how their arms are slightly bent so that they can hold items and they really look as if they are moving all the time like a child. Just like the Finouche dolls, the girls all wear the same white body suit as underwear. My favourite? I can’t decide between Joelle and Natalie.

Sylvia Natterer Minouches

Minouche Natalie, Joelle, Samira and Jeanne

Here we have Minouche Joelle who is quite simply adorable. Again, I love her light colouring and her pretty pastel dress with frills will be loved by any little (and big) girl.

Petitcollin Minouche Joelle

Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer

Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer Joelle

Petitcollin Minouche Sylvia Natterer

This is Minouche Samira and it’s really good to have a doll with some colour in the collection – there just aren’t enough dolls with dark skin available. The fabrics used for Samira’s outfit are lovely – her trousers are made from fine cotton which is very soft to the touch. The style of her tunic is very typical of Petitcollin dolls clothes with ribbon trim and the frilled sleeves.

Sylvia Natterer Minouche doll

Sylvia Natterer Minouche Samira


Sylvia Natterer Black Minouche doll

Minouche Natalie was a surprise. Although she looks very cute in her hat, she looks even more cute without it. Her bubble skirt of her dress is made using very fine cotton so that is puffs up nicely.

Petitcollin dolls Minouche Natalie

Minouche Natalie close up

Minouche Natalie Sylvia Natterer

Sylvia Natterer by Petitcollin

Minouche Jeanne wears a fabulous outfit. Her little duffle coat, which is more of a cherry red than the photos suggest, is so nicely made, with real toggles on the front to fasten it. Her dress is also very pretty and she gets to wear different shoes to all the others! The only disappointment here are her tights and I have let Petitcollin know about these. I think I will sell the dolls without them.

Minouche Jeanne

minouche jeanne face close up

Sylvia Natterer Minouche Jeanne

Petitcollin Minouche Jeanne

Minouche Jeanne Sylvia Natterer

Minouche doll with brown hair

Minouche silly tights

Once all the photos of the Sylvia Natterer dolls for the website were done, there was still a little more light so I managed to sneak in a few fun shots. I think this is when you can see how beautiful these dolls really are.

minouche dolls chatting

Enjoying some chatter are Minouche Joelle, Natalie and Jeanne (left to right)


Finouche Smilla and Minouche Dita

Sisterly love! Finouche Smilla (right) with Mini Minouche Dita (no longer available)

Finouche minouche and minette

Is there room for me? Finouche Smilla, Mini Minouche Fritzi (and Dita) and Joelle 

This morning I also learned something. Remember the Finouche boy that made an appearance at the Toy Fair? Well, there is to be a boy in next year’s collection but with very fair hair.

Having seen all the photos of the beautiful Sylvia Natterer dolls, all you have to do now is decide which doll is your favourite? Based on the look of the dolls as well as their outfits, mine has to be Smilla. Do let us know which one you like and why.

This was first posted on Petalina’s original blog on 16 August 2015. Reproducing it has taken ages (a real labour of love) taking several sittings of finding, resizing and adding the blog name to lots of photos, but it’s been a wonderful trip down memory lane. I still think these three Finouche and several of the Minouche from this first collection were the best.

Just a little reminder that these images are all the intellectual property of Petalina Ltd and must not be removed, copied or used without consent from Petalina Ltd.


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