Petalina’s Dolly Market

Petalina has been asked many times by customers over the years where the best place is to buy and sell pre-loved dolls and all we have ever been able to do is recommend Ebay or specific facebook doll collector groups. Now that I have a bit more time on my hands I thought I would experiment with a classifieds section on Petalina’s blog and I would love to know what you all think of the idea.

Do you have a doll that you added to your collection that you would now like to sell on? Or has your daughter outgrown her dolls that she has looked after? Or, are you looking for a specific doll to add to your collection and would like to place a Wanted advert? Well the idea of Petalina’s Dolly Market is to allow our readers to do all of those things. Since closing our shop and reopening as a blog, I am blown away by how many visits Petalina is receiving daily, so there is still a large doll loving audience visiting that could potentially see adverts placed.

Initially we won’t charge anything for placing an advert as we will be listening to our advertisers’ feedback and making changes to how the dolly market works. We will also be working on building up visitors to ensure the adverts placed are seen. Once everyone is happy that the adverts are working and dolls are being sold, we may start to charge a small fee to go towards the running costs of the Petalina Blog.

The Dolly Market is open to any private individual wishing to sell a pre-loved doll or place a wanted advert. If someone is wanting to sell a doll there are some criteria that must be met. Advertisers need a working email address and access to a computer so that they are able to upload images and text to create the advert. We regret that Petalina is unable to do this for you. Multiple high quality photos are essential and without them an advert cannot be approved. If these criteria are not met then the Dolly Market service cannot be used. The free service is limited to a maximum of 3 adverts per user at the moment, but we will review this going forward. At the present time this service is not available to businesses, but again, this may change.



Does your advert adhere to the  advertising guidelines?
Do you are to the terms and conditions for use of the Petalina Dolly Market?