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Gifts for budding hairdressers

At around the age of 8 my daughter really started to enjoy styling her dolls’s hair. Before this she had brushed their hair and put it into pony tails, but at around 8 she wanted to do something a little more creative. As a result of this, and watching YouTube videos, at the age of 11 she has taught me how to do a French plait and at school she is the hair styling queen to the point that parents are commenting on the styles she is creating for their daughters. And all of this because she enjoyed styling dolls hair and her Mum was in the right job at the right time!

Now discontinued, Hannah loves Hairstyling by Gotz was a popular 50cm all vinyl doll for age 5 and up. All Gotz dolls now have very long hair, but any doll with plaits has extremely long hair when the plaits are taken out. The Gotz dolls are all brilliant choices because their hair can be washed and styled and lasts very well.


Gotz also make some really high quality Hair Styling and Make Up heads in blonde, brunette and red. They are much larger than others on the market and the suckers on the base keep the head still while being worked on.

Gotz Hair Styling and Make Up Heads

Other Gotz products include the Hair Styling Set with a tiny cool air hair drier and DVD, and their dolls wire hairbrush. Using a normal hairdrier with heat is not permitted with doll’s hair because it can make it frizzy or even melt it, so the little battery operated hair drier is fun for young girls to use. A wire hairbrush is also recommended for use with dolls hair because the wire does not create static electricity which in turn creates tangles. It’s also lovely and small and perfect for small hands.

Gotz Dolls Hair Styling Set with DVD

My absolute favourite accessory for girls who love doing dolls hair is the Salon Chair by Gotz. I really wonder how children have managed without it for so long! It is heavy with a large base and lap strap to hold the doll in a secure position. Because of it’s weight it is stable and keeps the doll in place while she has her hair done. This chair is so much easier to use than keeping a doll wedged between your knees. Believe me it is brilliant! In the photo at the top you can see my daughter with her friend using a chair each while styling dolls hair.

Gotz Salon Chair

Our Generation are the new girls at Petalina for 2015, and they have a range of 18” play dolls with hair that can be extended. They each have extremely long hair which almost reaches their ankles and also have two very long plaits which can either be full length or wound back into the top of the head.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas to consider.

Cate x


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