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Amelia Your Victorian Girl

I promise you will not be disappointed with Amelia Your Victorian Girl. Amelia is the second doll in the series of historical characters from A Girl For all Time. The first doll, Matilda your Tudor Girl, has been an incredible success winning several accolades during 2011 including the best toy award from Toy Talk and inclusion in the Top 5 Girls Toys by Mums Choice. Matilda has also been Bambolina’s and now Petalina’s best selling doll since she arrived in September 2011 and the customers reviews on her product page say it all. Amelia, Your Victorian Girl is just as unique, just as special and will no doubt enjoy the same success that Matilda has done.

Amelia is a school girl in Victorian times and is a descendant of Matilda. Amelia comes dressed in her blue school dress, which can be seen in the photograph below. She takes her education very seriously and prefers to dress in a simple and sedate manner. 

Beautiful detail on the back of her dress and her hair is gorgeous

Amelia as she arrives in her presentation box

Amelia’s Aunt and guardian, however, has other ideas, and loves to dress Amelia in frills and silk, lace and feathers, in order to secure her niece with a place in society and a rich husband of high rank no doubt. You can see one of Amelia’s costumes chosen by her Aunt in the photograph below. The dress features the most amazing bustle!

Amelia, Your Victorian Girl,  has other ideas and her independent spirit drives her away from home on an adventure unthinkable in decent Victorian society. I wonder what Amelia does? The outfit below was worn on the stage… soon as we find out a little more we will let you know……


First posted on Petalina’s original blog on 21/5/12

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