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Marie Kruse Stylista dolls are such fun!

Yesterday the long awaited Marie Stylista dolls arrived from Kathe Kruse and I know they will be a hit because my chief tester Rosie, my nearly 9 year old doll loving daughter, wants one for Christmas. She can’t wait to get her hands on some scissors and start cutting.

Marie Kruse is a 37cm all vinyl doll made from phthalate free vinyl. Her size makes her very portable so great for holidays and travel. Her head and limbs are very flexible so she can be posed in lots of positions. Her hair is a kanekalon wig which gives her hair a very natural appearance and helps to keep her hairstyle in good shape. Each doll has the wig attached and her hair is cut afterwards! Marie Kruse’s face is painted by hand in the traditional Kathe Kruse manner. When you hold one of these dolls in your hand you cannot help but appreciate them because the finish is so very, very good and they are simply beautiful. The dolls are designed in Germany and made in Latvia (I have always believed they are made in Germany but just the collectors dolls are made in the original factory).

Kathe Kruse Marie Stylista Berlin in her underwear

Marie Kruse Stylista has been designed with fashion loving girls in mind. All the dolls arrive in a gorgeous box covered with pictures of Marie Stylista working her magic with scissors, a mannequin, pins and a tape measure. There are extra flaps to open in the box which really add to the anticipation of what’s inside, and inside is the doll wearing a cute shortie all in one in pink and white striped jersey. Also in the box is an intriguing roll of fabric in an organza bag with sparkling attachments. Whatever could it be?

Each doll comes with two sheets of pre-sewn clothes. Each sheet consists of two layers of jersey and a layer of backing paper to prevent the jersey from stretching when sewn and it also makes it easier to cut. On each sheet there are several pieces of clothing and you can see white stitching that holds the clothes together. The red stitching lines indicate where to cut. So to make the clothes all that needs to be done is some cutting, pulling off backing paper and turning the garments the right way around. The clothes are not obvious as to how they should be worn and in which combination so little fashionistas’ imaginations can go wild. There are also two sets of rhinestones and some glitter glue with each set which can be used to decorate the outfits for the final flourish!

Kathe Kruse also have extra sets of the pre-sewn sheets available in small and large packs in different colour and pattern combinations. There are also dolls clothes and dolls shoes to fit Marie Kruse for when she is feeling a little more traditional. Just look for Kathe Kruse 34-38cm dolls clothes and Kathe Kruse dolls shoes in size 37cm.

The video below shows two budding stylistas at work cutting and creating. It really looks such fun – I want to have a go myself!




First posted on Petalina’s original blog on 28/11/12

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