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Introducing A Girl for All Time Sam

It’s nearly September 2015 which means that it’s not very long until A Girl for all Time Sam arrives at Petalina. Sam Liron is the latest doll from the award winning line of dolls called A Girl for All Time and she is a girl of the 1960s.


Sam, Your 1960’s Girl

Each of the dolls in the series, including Sam, feature in an adventure that begins when they turn 13. Sam’s mother Clementine Harper, or Clemmie as she is affectionately known, was a daring 13 year old girl with a bright red bob, who with her best friend, caught a Nazi spy during the war!

Clementine, Your 1940s Girl

Sam was born in Paris and is obsessed with fashion, as you can see from the extra sets of dolls clothes shown in the photos below. All of her outfits have been carefully researched and designed to ensure they truly reflect the fashion of the 1960s. A Girl for all Time Sam’s adventure starts when she goes to live with her Uncle Ernie in New York, in the bohemian part of town, Greenwich Village. Lucky for her, the journey involves a stop off in London and Sam has the opportunity to explore Carnaby Street, a fashion shopping paradise at the time.

Sam’s Parisienne Playsuit and Handbag, with Gogo Boots

Sam’s Poloneck and Tights worn with her New York Skirt

This is Sam’s New York Cape and Skirt

I think Sam looks such fun and I am really looking forward to reading all about her adventures. The picture below is the official representation of Sam for the cover of her book, and what a beautiful picture to end with.

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