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Corolle launch Ma Corolle dolls in 2016

As many of you will already know, this year has seen changes with our assortment of Corolle products. We are great fans of Corolle because their quality is amazing and the dolls are beautifully designed with gorgeous faces and clothes, so they are an all out winner. If you want to buy a doll that will last for a long time then look no further than Corolle.

(First posted on Petalina in 2016. Some products may have changed or been discontinued by Corolle in the mean time)

For 2016 we will have a better range than we have had for a while with much of it at a better price too. Bit by bit our replenishment is arriving after completely selling out of most products at Christmas. We also have some new products, which have just arrived, and it is these that I wanted to bring to your attention now.

All the Ma Corolle dolls 2016

All the Ma Corolle dolls

Corolle have revamped the popular Vanilla dolls and created a range that is unique and so much fun. The dolls are now called Ma Corolle because, firstly, children can choose their doll from a range of colour options. Each doll has a pale pink fabric body with embroidery giving the impression of underwear. And secondly, children can then create their own outfits using pieces of clothing from the extensive range of separates and accessories, resulting in a doll that is unique to them.  The range of clothing is huge and no sooner do we have everything than more designs become available. We are also going to do our best to create ‘outfit bundles’ so that you can save a bit of money when buying the complete look.

Ma Corolle oufits

Some of the outfits that can be created using the Ma Corolle dolls clothes

The Ma Corolle dolls are very slightly different to the Vanilla dolls, in that their bodies are a little bit slimmer and the same size as the Coquettes dolls. Coquettes were introduced for a short time a few years ago, as a doll for a slightly older girl with a slimmer body herself. Ma Corolle is aimed at girls from age 4+ which I suppose explains the change. It does mean that some of the fitted clothes for Ma Corolle are snug on the Vanilla dolls (but do still fit) eg. the summer dress and the denim dress.

Corolle have also introduced lots of videos which are very useful because they show the products beautifully. Just look at all the possible outfits that Corolle have created for Ma Corolle in the video below. Since this was made more separates and accessories have been introduced! We have most of the items in stock but I think the availability will keep changing as new things are introduced and older styles sell out. To see the video click on the image below.


Ma Corolle introductory video


2016 also sees the introduction of Mini Calins which are just 20cm, washable and safe from 18 months. Each doll arrives in a pretty box, which shows how attractive the doll is without clothes (covered in hearts).  This is always a bonus when young children like to take clothes off more than putting them on. (I would love to know why this is – any ideas?)

Corolle mini câlins

Bebe Mini Calins – Good night on the left and Prairie on the right

And then there is Bebe Calin Bisou, a little doll I fell in love with at Nuremberg. She is 30cm with the Calin face showing an open chatting mouth. She also comes with a voice box allowing her to say ‘Mama’, ‘Papa’, laugh and make kissing noises when her tummy is pressed. Children from 18 months are going to just love her!

Corolle Câlin Bisou

Bebe Calin Bisou Interactive 30cm doll 18mths+

This year also sees Bebe Cheri being sold without clothes. This means that she can be dressed in real baby clothes for a newborn which you may have in your loft and would like to use a little more. Or, for the first time, there are outfits available separately for her.

Corolle Bebe Cheri

Bebe Cheri 52cm baby doll in centre shown wearing dolls clothes available on left and right

Mon Premier Accessories are in the process of being refreshed with a new look using the nursery inspired print shown below, which I think is gorgeous! The Classiques accessories are also gradually changing to a deep cherry pink too.

Corolle Mon Premier print 2016

Well I think that’s everything. If I think of anything else I will revisit! Would love to know what you think.

Since closing Petalina finding Corolle dolls has become quite tricky. Smallable seem to have a reasonable range (but not sure about postage from France) and of course there is always Amazon. No one else in the UK seems to have a decent selection which is a great shame.

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