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Welcome to Lottie dolls!

A huge welcome to Lottie dolls, the latest brand of dolls to be added to the range at Petalina. If you follow us on facebook you will already know that I am completely smitten with this new range because the concept is superb!

I first saw Lottie dolls at the Toy Fair a few years ago while she was being developed. The concept of the packaging was in place, there were samples of the shape of her body and some of her outfits, but her head was still being worked upon and was absent. Just a few years later this little doll is a huge hit and is being sold in 30 countries! Can you believe she is even on the International Space Station with Tim Peake? Only yesterday Tim tweeted to say he was looking forward to getting Lottie out of her box to look at some stars together.

Tim Peake Lottie doll

Lottie stargazer

Lottie Stargazer

Yesterday, I visited the Toy Fair in London and Lottie dolls had the most amazing stand manned by the company’s lovely staff, and they even sponsored the show providing carrier bags for everyone to put their brochures in. It meant that Lottie was absolutely everywhere!


Lottie doll stand at toy fair


Lottie is based on a 9 year old girl with realistic proportions and was launched as an alternative to all those well known fashion dolls that are just too grown up for little children to play with, all of which place the emphasis on appearance and encourage our girls to grow up far too fast.

Lottie is an all vinyl 18cm (7.5 inches) highly posable little doll with hair to brush and a painted face. There are so many different Lotties available now with new dolls being introduced every year together with lots of dolls clothes sets and play sets such as tree houses and canoes. Being so small means she is highly portable and is very easy for little hands to play with. She will fit in your hand bag when needed, and several can easily be taken on holiday.

What is really fabulous about Lottie is that she joins in with so many different activities and has a wide range of interests, so there is something for every little girl to relate to. As Lucie Follett one of the founders says, there is more than one way to be a girl. If you would like to see a video on YouTube about the brand and what people find so appealing about the dolls, please click here.

The story of Abigail and Lottie Star Gazer is probably what made me fall hook line and sinker in love with the philosophy behind the Lottie brand. Abigail is the perfect example of a little girl doing her own thing, and I wonder if one day her dream will come true, that she will go into space just like the Lottie doll that she helped design. I wonder how many other little girls Lottie Star Gazer will inspire and spark an interest in astronomy. If you would like to watch a video about how Abigail helped to design Lottie Stargazer you will find it on YouTube here.

What about Finn, I hear you ask. Well, Lottie has been such a hit that parents have been asking for a boy in the range so that boys get to have some fun too.  Finn Kite Flyer is now available together with a small range of accessories but plans are in place to grow this range, and many of the accessories can also be used by Lottie or Finn.

Finn Kite Flyer

Finn Kite Flyer

So Lottie just gets to have fun and do whatever she wants to do with no one judging her. She’s not a geek because she loves fossils. Nor is she a baby because she loves jumping in muddy puddles. And being physically active is good too, whether body boarding, karate, ballet , football or gymnastics. It’s also great to see that she appreciates nature and animals as well. And, she is definitely not weird because she wants to go into space one day. She’s just Lottie being Lottie, no matter what. Isn’t this something we all wish for, for our daughters, to be open to new ideas and accepting of others, even though they may like different things? But sometimes trying out new things can be daunting, especially when you are very young, so Lottie’s motto is ‘Be brave, be bold, be you!’

Lots of Lotties

If just a little bit of what Lottie stands for rubs off on every little girl, then the Lottie brand will have achieved something very special indeed.

You can purchase Lottie dolls from Lottie.com and you can also find her on Amazon here.

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  • Agnes

    Hi, my daughter is 5 and so far was only interested in baby dolls.
    All of a sudden she has expressed interest in fashion dolls.
    My daughter is tiny and she doesn’t like large dolls so 18 inch is a no here.

    I think she would love to carry her dolls around. I ponder if lottie is a good option, though I worry the doll is pretty small and tricky in terms of dressing and undressing.

    I have noticed paola reina 12 inch dolls at your blog. Would they be a better option for a 5 year old? There isn’t much choice apart of what I found on Amazon though.

    Thank you

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