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Zwergnase Junior Dolls 2016 have just arrived

At Petalina we always love receiving new dolls. The boxes are opened with such excitement to reveal the beautiful little souls within. Today it was the turn of some of the Zwergnase Junior Dolls Collection for 2016 which had recently caught my eye.

Zwergnase Violette face

Zwergnase is a German make of hand produced dolls, that have been designed by the founder and doll artist Nicole Marschollek. Nicole started the company in 1994 with her husband and she has an extraordinary artistic talent, which shines through with each and every doll. Nicole captures the essence of childhood with the expressions on the faces of her dolls, and she dresses them using the most beautiful fabrics and imaginative designs.

We used to stock Zwergnase Junior dolls but haven’t for a several years now, until these new dolls caught my attention a few weeks ago. Their faces are much more serene than dolls from the past and their choice of outfits make the dolls very beautiful indeed. I hope you enjoy my photographs of two of the girls, Violet and Azalea.

Zwergnase Violette

This is Zwergnase Junior Doll Violet with blue hand painted eyes and the most amazing wig. In the past the Junior dolls we have received have had rooted hair and this wig is a significant improvement – but the price reflects this.

Zwergnase Violette topZwergnase Violette blue eyes

Violet no jacket

Violet no jacket back


Meet Azalea, also with blue eyes and with a multi tonal red wig.

Zwergnase Junior doll Azalea

Azalea top half

Zwergnase Junior Azalea

Zwergnase Azalea back

Zwergnase Junior Azalea hair

The dolls are 49cm tall and are made entirely of phthalate free vinyl. They have very elongated limbs and neck and are a pleasure to pose, particularly their arms and head which stay exactly where they are put. The dolls are always dressed in oversized shoes, which is just something that Zwergnase does, but you can see in the photo that their feet are actually in scale. Just love them.

Naked Zwergnase Junior doll

Best place to buy these dolls now that Petalina has closed is from Trisha at KR Bears and Dolls, but these particular ones may have sold out as they were very popular. Please mention Petalina if you order from KR.

If you are looking to purchase one of these dolls, or sell one second hand then I would be very happy for you to write a comment to that effect which will be displayed beneath this post.


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