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The Kidz ‘n’ Cats collection 2014

This morning I rang With Heart & Soul and had a long chat with Sonja Hartmann about what is happening with these gorgeous dolls this year. We have so few dolls left on the shelves and there are lots of you waiting for news about availability in 2014 so I was very keen to know what Sonja’s plans are for 2014. Within a day of my phone call

There are 7 dolls carried over from previous collections with an additional 7 new dolls. The carried over dolls are:

Lena, Carlotta, Alister, Jakob, Grace, Sophie and Laura

There are 7 new dolls, 5 of which will be available in March/April:

Paulette, Princess in Pink, Julia, Teresa and Jolina

The remaining two dolls will be available in August/September:

Miu and Jodie

In early February there will be another customisable Wunschpuppe launched too with the same choice of eye colours as Henriette. I don’t know details about which face mould will be used or the options available for her hair but I do know she will be dressed in a pale pink dress with an option of adding a white dress too. If this launch is anywhere near as successful as Henriette the doll will be sold out in just a few days.

The other piece of good news is that this year Kidz ‘n’ Cats are going to launch their own range of furniture for the dolls. There will be a bed, a wardrobe and a table and chair set. All will be classic styles in white painted wood and all will come flat packed for self assembly. These pieces will be available from September for Christmas.

First posted on Petalina’s original blog on 22/1/14

Isn’t it a shame that the furniture didn’t ever come to fruition? I have a family member in the furniture manufacturing business and years ago I asked him where to go in China to have white painted furniture made. He said that the problem was getting consistent quality and it was a very difficult task. This has been the case with Laurent doll furniture too. Sadly, to have furniture made in Europe where the quality could be achieved, it would cost far more than people would be prepared to pay. 

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